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a Stella Odyssey

Just a fun project testing workflow with ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Pika, Suno, ElevenLabs, & Canva! Particularly was impressed with Canva's AI & Video tools!


Space Monkey

This was a fun one. @nickfloats posted on X that he was working on an AI Production project and it took approximately 3 hours to create 60 seconds of footage. He revealed 16 seconds of it that utilized on 6 different images. He posted the prompts of the images, so I wanted to test how quickly those prompts could be utilized to recreate the video. Obviously his was more detailed, for example it was a single monkey throughout the video, but I like the team of man-monkey, workshop-monkey, and astronaut monkey. I probably could have accomplished the single monkey by maintaining the same seed, so that may be a future project to test that theory. The workflow for this one was on point, utilizing open source tools to turn the prompts into high res images, then animating those, and then upscale, before utilizing CapCut to merge the clips and music, add the title image (just a fun stock one), the subtitles for the audio, etc.


A Very Pullman Christmas

More testing of AI tools. Starting to step the game up in terms of AI workflow. Taking a more strategic approach to generate higher quality videos. Utilizing CapCut to edit (Merging Clips, Adding Titles and Subtitles, and testing their effects)


Venice Beach Skate

More testing of AI tools, either Open Source or free tools. Every piece is AI, including the audio and video. Minor Editing with Davinci (Merging video with audio, adjusting timing, etc)


Space Deforum

Another test of AI tools. This one used some of the inspiration of SpacePost along with the standard prompts of Deforum. Some Video Editing with Davinci (Merging clips, adding music, reversing clips, etc)



Testing AI tools for some of my events and the content was a bit more futuristic than I was anticipated, so I rolled with it to create this scene of people arriving at a futuristic venue for a show. Every piece is AI, including the audio and video, utilizing some Open Source tools and some that aren't. Some Video Editing with Davinci (Merging clips, adding music, reversing clips, etc)

rippleFX Productions

rippleFX Productions

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